Road Cycling Wool Cycling Jerseys

Merino Wool Road Cycling Jerseys

If you're a keen road cyclist you probably have a wardrobe full of old polyester cycling jerseys. Because they are made from oil they will never  decompose, they'll just hang around looking dated and dirty.  Who wants that?

So if looking and feeling good on a bike is important to you, you can't go past our jerseys, especially because they offer the optimum blend of merino wool quality and the cut of a modern cycling jersey. No itchy, saggy wool here - check our reviews to see what our customers say about how comfortable and sylish our jerseys are.

Wearing Soigneur jerseys means that even if you're last over the hill or last in the sprint - you're first in style, class and comfort.


Caution: As Eroica and retro cycling gets more popular there are many manufacturers jumping onto the wool jersey bandwagon and making substandard wool jerseys, compromised with substandard artificial fibres like polyester or using itchy, scratchy non-Merino wool. 

If your woolen jersey isn't 100% Merino wool you lose the benefits of this wonder fibre and have a less comfortable jersey too.  Whether you buy Soigneur or not, make sure your woolen jersey is 100% Merino!

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