About Soigneur Merino Wool Cycling Jerseys

Soigneur is no faceless big business or corporate. When you buy a Soigneur jersey you’re buying from David and Jane Carman, who live in the rural outskirts of Rotorua, the adventure sport and mountain-biking capital of New Zealand.

We don’t say ‘Designed in New Zealand’ but actually have the cycling jerseys made in China, like so many ‘boutique’ brands. All Soigneur wool jerseys are designed and knitted at the Carmans' property, and the sleeves, panels, pockets etc sewn together by Coral, down the road in Rotokawa.

When you want to order or need help creating a custom design, it’s David you’ll talk to – not the sales department! If you’re tall and want some extra length in your jersey – yep, David’s the man.

David is no slouch to riding himself, with many wins in his amateur road racing career, forged while also learning his trade as a qualified textile technician.

It is this combination of textile knowledge and a love for the styles and fashions of cycling that led to David's formation of Soigneur Merino Wool Cycling Jerseys – founded with the objective of designing and producing the best quality, most beautiful cycling jerseys that anyone with a love of ciclismo moda will appreciate.

So have a look around our galleries of classic and custom jerseys, and take a minute to learn why Merino jerseys are so good.