Frequently Asked Questions

Many of our customers have never bought a Merino wool cycling jersey before, so we have collated many of the questions we are asked below. 

More specific questions can be found elsewhere on the website, e.g about sizingsemi-custom or full-custom orders, washing instructions and gift vouchers.

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Q. Do wool jerseys shrink?
A. Woollen clothing used to shrink in the wash but modern treatment and knitting techniques means this seldom happens now. Jerseys like those made by Soigneur can even be machine-washed without shrinking.


Q. Are woollen clothes itchy?
A. Woollen clothes used to be itchy but the quality and treatment of modern wools such as Merino now mean that woollen clothes with fibres of just 19 micron width are now available. This makes Soigneur merino wool cycling jerseys as soft as silk, cashmere or alpaca.


Q Do you do customised sizing?
A. Yes, all designs can be altered for tall people, women’s cuts, long or short sleeved.


Q Do you do plain jerseys with no patterns?
Yes, we do!

Q. I like a jersey I’ve seen in your gallery of custom designs – can I order one of those?
A. Most times you can, just email us.


Q. I like a design you do but want a few changes, perhaps the background colour or changing what the text says. Can you do that?
A. Most times, yes we can. Just email us with details of what you want.


Q. How long do woollen clothes last?
A. Woollen clothes can last a very long time – wool fibres can be bent and twisted over 30,000 times without being damaged. Think about your grandparents’ old woollen clothing! Soigneur cycling jerseys can last decades of wear.


Q. Is wool biodegradable?
A. Wool is biodegradable and one of the best natural fabrics available. Wool does not leach plastic microfibres when washed or require oil to be produced like synthetics do. Wool also requires significantly less water and other materials to be produced than cotton.


Q. What is the best material for cycling jerseys?
A. By moving sweat away from the skin more effectively than any other fabric, woollen jersey fabrics keep cyclists at a more consistent comfortable temperature across a wider range of conditions. Merino wool is famous for keeping riders warm when it's cold and wet, but also comfortable when it’s warm.


Q. Can you make custom jerseys with bicycle brands on them?
A. In most cases, yes we can. The best examples are when customers with vintage bikes want matching jerseys of similar style. Sometimes we’ll do special designs for current brands too, just ask!


Q. How do I know if a jersey is in stock?
A. All our jerseys are made-to-order, so we're never out of stock.

Q. What is the best cycling clothing brand?
A. Naturally we believe it is Soigneur Merino Cycling Jerseys! Why? Well just combine the best material for cycling jerseys with the ability to order jerseys customised just for you. What more could you ask for?


Q. How are Soigneur Merino Wool Cycling Jerseys made?

A. Rather than outsourcing our jersey manufacture to overseas suppliers with questionable labour or environmental practices, Soigneur cycling jerseys are made in Rotorua, New Zealand. The wool is knitted in our factory in Hoko Road and the pieces are sewn together in Rotokawa by our seamstress Coral Palmer.

In fact, we can introduce you to Coral now, and show her in action sewing together a Soigneur jersey!  Try getting that from any of the bigger brands


Caution: As Eroica and retro cycling gets more popular there are many manufacturers jumping onto the wool jersey bandwagon and making substandard wool jerseys, compromised with substandard artificial fibres like polyester or using itchy, scratchy non-Merino wool. 

If your woollen jersey isn't 100% Merino wool you lose the benefits of this wonder fibre and have a less comfortable jersey too.  Whether you buy Soigneur or not, make sure your woollen jersey is 100% Merino!