Vintage Eroica Cycling Jerseys

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Perfect for Eroica - Vintage Cycling Jerseys for Vintage Bicycles

Eroica-bound? Handmade bike expo? Steel bike ride?

Vintage bicycle restoration is a tricky business. Years can be spent tracking down the right parts required for a special restoration (anyone got a Zeus 2000 gruppo for sale?), and nothing beats the feel of a steel frame with downtube shifters and a Brooks saddle.

But why go to all the trouble to get your vintage bike ‘just right’ for that next show or Eroica event, only to wear a mismatching jersey or - heaven forbid – a plastic, synthetic jersey?  That’s where you need a custom vintage cycling jersey.  

Here at Soigneur our custom and semi-custom vintage cycling jerseys are frequently bought by vintage bicycle and Eroica enthusiasts, looking for a wool cycling jersey to match their vintage bike. When the brand of bike you’re riding isn’t even made anymore, getting a custom jersey to match it, especially in superbly comfortable wool, is usually impossible.

But here at Soigneur, that’s what we specialise in.

Just check out some of the jerseys we’ve produced here – some are currently for sale on our Classic Jerseys page, others are special designs we’ve produced for customers in the past – and can do so for you if you just ask us at

Caution: As Eroica and retro cycling gets more popular there are many manufacturers jumping onto the wool jersey bandwagon and making substandard wool jerseys, compromised with substandard artificial fibres like polyester or using itchy, scratchy non-Merino wool. 

If your woolen jersey isn't 100% Merino wool you lose the benefits of this wonder fibre and have a less comfortable jersey too.  Whether you buy Soigneur or not, make sure your woolen jersey is 100% Merino!


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