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Some customer feedback emails- 

Hi David
The jerseys have just arrived and they are fabulous! The quality is superb and the fit perfect. 
You've exceeded my expectations in every way and please use my e-mail to tell others to buy from you - they won't be disappointed.
The fabric of the jerseys really is absolutely amazing, the lettering really captures the period and the embroidery of the shields on the shoulders is crisp and sharp - I'll send you some photos alongside my bike and think that I'll be needing some more in different colours for this season!
A massive thank you - am totally delighted with your work and will highly recommend you to all my friends.
Best regards

Sent from my iPad

Hi David

Please find attached a couple of pics. We had a day out to Stage 1 of
the Tour de Yorkshire. The guy with the big head is Bradley Wiggins and
we should have lent him one of our jerseys !


Hello David,
that's the 'Italian' blue long-sleeve Flying Scot jersey arrived. It looks absolutely superb and the quality of work is your usual brilliant. Thanks very much for making this one-off version for me. Also the time taken was a whole lot less than I imagined it could be done in. Hope I can do it justice in the l'Eroica Britannia in June!
All the very best from Scotland,
Robert Braid.

Just a quick note to say we got back from the London-Edinburgh-London 1400k
grand randonnee event, and we had the most spectacular reviews on the jerseys
you did. Thank you so much for helping us with this!

BTW, I tried an experiment and wore the jersey the entire five days! I carried
other jerseys just in case, but the Soigneur jersey held up well with its
"anti-stink" properties! Amazing!

Hi David,

Got home today from 1 week work abroad, the package was waiting for me.

My God, they are so beautiful!  Absolutely wonderful.
And the personal Wattman jersey is just great.

So thanks again for the impecable work, follow up and delivery.

A very happy


        David, on behalf of the club, thank you for the Jerseys.

        Shane Rush


Hi David,
By far my most favorite jersey. Out on the road 6.5 hours on Saturday racing and never felt too hot or cold. Just right. Here is a shot of me finishing K2 with a nice grimace of suffering.
I wore this all through winter on early morning starts and was always warm. The fit is great too. Cheers for a great cycling product.
Andrew Bryan Controlled Environment Testing Manager Airlab

The jersey arrived today. It looks GREAT! Thank you for excelent customer service. I'm very pleased.
Bext regards Olli Wihuri

        Hi David

        Does it suit? Or does it?

        I'm still happy with it and get a lot of compliments here in switzerland.

        Happy Giro and greets

Man, I couldn't be happier with these. They're amazing. Thanks so much!
Levi Teal Yawp Cyclery 2521 Sheridan Blvd. Edgewater,  CO 80214


          Hi David,

Just to let you know that I received the jerseys this morning and they are simply beautiful. They are both a perfect fit and have obviously been well made.
 I just love the "Flying Scot" jersey with its colourful badges (I am biased I must admit!) but the J.B. Louvet jacket is also a fabulous garment.
I'm just sorry I didn't order them earlier in the year so that I could wear them during winter so I'll have to hope we have a cold spell during the Australian spring/summer so that I can get out and show them off.
I know I'm going to get many compliments when I do wear them and there will probably be some envious cyclists admiring them. Let's hope it means more sales for you!
Many thanks.
Ann Clarence
just a note on the jersey buying clothing off the internet i find has a degree of risk si
Hi David,
Wore my recently received Tom Simpson Jersey up Mt.Ventoux.......totally awesome mate. Its was 90'f on the climb, and it wicked perfectly.
As i cycled past the Tommy Memorial, people cheered me in your jersey.....inspired me out of the saddle to for a final blast to the top!
Yo make very cool stuff my friend.....and i'll be ordering a few more. HOWEVER, you need more cool designs.....and working on any more future stuff?
Roy, Liverpool - UK

Dear David
I just wanted to let you know that the GA jersey has arrived with me today! Brilliant service from NZ. I am absolutely thrilled - thank you so much.
In time for the birthday boy on Saturday!
Many, many thanks, Heidi


                      Hi David

Christmas has come early the jersey is amazing...way better then the photo's.
fits so well. thanks again for making such quality clothing and looks so stylish

Dear David,
My much anticipated order arrived 2/22. What a lovely, high quality product! I stumbled across your web site while browsing, I thought in vain, for a "merino retro vintage cycling jersey."
Loved the honesty of your web site: quality products honoring quality riders. No pretentious excess. Where else but New Zealand for premium merino wool? (I'm sure Scotland thinks they're in the running,too.)
I doubt, sadly, that I could find such a nice design on a well constructed garment, of premium fiber here in the States for even twice the money.
So the mister is very happy with his surprise. He has the same birthday as Merckx - June 17. He runs a bike shop here, so I hope he sends some jealous riders your way.
Thank you,
A very happy customer,
Katrina Anderson


An email from Conor Isdell, Mullingar Ireland.

Thanks for that.

Just to say that I have the C.Gaul jersey already and it is the best merino jersey I have ever worn. It is so soft and ultra comfortable.
I have other jerseys from Woolistic and EWR(Earth Wind and Rider) and the performance and feel of your jersey exceeds both.
Some of the other jerseys don't have an elastic hem which can lead to a sloppy shape after a few washes.
I'm hoping to increase my stock of your jerseys and welcome the long sleeve option available.

Thanks again and looking forward to receiving the Koblet L/S jersey.


David Owen in his Soigneur Coppi jersey 
  David Owen1

 "Received my new 'ITALIA' jersey this morning, damn that was fast ! even
better than the pictures and fits perfect, almost went riding in it just to show it
off "
David Owen



 Le Cannibal jersey- "It seems to be the perfect weight - I haven't found it too
hot, even on a scorching day in Queenstown, or too cold (which it has been this
last week in Dunedin). "
Anja McDonald


 "Dear DAVID your products are fantastic..! I already have two of them
and I believe that Anquetil is better!!...the blue looks like wonderful!(I JUST ORDER IT!)...
I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year!...
Panagotis Tzouvaras         (Your first-happy-customer from GREECE!!!)"   



 "Hey, I just put on my jersey for the first time here in Colorado. The weather
got cool enough that the jersey was PERFECT. The fit is by far the most
comfortable jersey I've ever worn, and the wool was the perfect fit for a
Colorado autumn morning. Thank you so much!!!!!                              
  Carol Johnson




Here is an unsolicited comment from a customer,
a man we know and whose opinions on apparel we rate (he is a bespoke tailor)

"My brother bought me the Soigneur, Le Cannibal shirt.
I love it so much I wore it to bed last night.
 It doesn't itch and it makes me look like Eddie in his prime."
 Rex Massey - Tailor@Earl&English

Rex Massey vs. Alien Wainui 6hr Worldz Race. 


Wool cycling jersey from



  Johnathan Dodd
  90km this morning in your Merino SSWC jersey.
 Started out at 5deg and warmed up nicely during the morning - the jersey remained super-comfy


  Just to let you know that I have now received the jersey and I couldn't be more pleased!  
Really impressed with how high quality it is and the authentic retro look.
 I'm sure I'll be the envy of many fellow riders at my next sportive.

Kind regards,
Ps.  Too soon for a classic Lance inspired jersey?  Could have a 'how about dem apples!' motif...

 Nick Spain
Berkshire UK