Hetchins Wool Cycling Jersey (2 designs available)

Hetchins Wool Cycling Jersey (2 designs available)
Hetchins is a historic British brand of bicycles that was founded in 1934 by Harry Hetchins. The company is renowned for producing high-quality, custom-made bicycles that were known for their unique frame designs and exceptional ride quality. Hetchins bicycles were popular among both amateur and professional cyclists, and many of their models were used in competitive racing.

One of the hallmarks of Hetchins bicycles is their distinctive frame design, which features curly stays, a sloping top tube, and a lugged frame. This design was not only visually striking but also served to dampen vibrations, resulting in a smoother ride. Additionally, the frames were made of high-quality steel, which further contributed to their comfort and durability.

Hetchins offered a range of bicycles, including road bikes, track bikes, touring bikes, and even tandems. They were also known for their custom-built bicycles, which were made to order based on the rider's specific measurements and preferences.

Despite the decline in popularity of steel-frame bicycles in the 1980s and 1990s, Hetchins continued to produce high-quality bikes until the company's closure in 2009. Today, Hetchins bicycles are highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts, and vintage models can fetch high prices at auction.

In summary, Hetchins is a revered brand of bicycles that played an important role in the history of cycling. Their distinctive frame design, high-quality steel construction, and custom-built options made them a popular choice among cyclists for many years, and their legacy continues to live on today.
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100% ultra-fine 19micron Merino wool.

Breathable, heat-regulating, and as soft as silk, cashmere or alpaca.

Pattern knitted into the fabric not printed on.

3 back pockets.

Machine washable.

YKK zip – The world’s best regarded zip. Easy to pull up or down while riding.

UV and odour resistant.


Customisable options for taller riders (just email us).

Short and long-sleeve options.

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