Personalized Mountainbike jerseys in Merino Wool

100% Merino Wool Jerseys for Mountain Biking

The mountainbiking world is full of pictures showing riders jumping, whipping and racing, all wearing bright polyester jerseys adorned with advertising logos, looking like the walls of a teenagers’ bedroom.

But at Soigneur, we know that a lot of mountain bikers are more at home exploring the mountains, taking trails-less-travelled, and savouring hours of discovery from the saddle. 

Yet weekends and vacations on two wheels inevitably mean riding in a wide range of temperatures and conditions. Spending a day climbing and descending a mountain-pass can mean riding through cool morning valleys, hot midday climbs and chilly descents.

Soigneur 100% merino wool cycling jerseys enable mountain bikers to be comfortable over a much wider range of conditions than any other material. After all, Merino sheep evolved in the mountains to grow superfine wool, not polyester or polypropylene! This makes them merino jerseys perfect for mountain bikers.

When you’re riding with a Soigneur merino cycling jersey you know you’re going to be able to carry less clothing, less weight, and less bulk than other riders carrying multiple items for ‘layering’. They don’t get smelly either, so you can wear them all day and still be able to sit next to others as you enjoy that after-ride craft beer.

Soigneur merino cycling jerseys are most comfortable over the range from 10° to 25°. Add arm-warmers and a light jacket and that’s all you’ll need. Because of the wicking properties of wool, you don’t need a raincoat in light rain or fog.

Click here to see our range of classic jerseys or here to learn about making a custom-design jersey especially for your next mountain biking trip.

Caution: As Eroica and retro cycling gets more popular there are many manufacturers jumping onto the wool jersey bandwagon and making substandard wool jerseys, compromised with substandard artificial fibres like polyester or using itchy, scratchy non-Merino wool. 

If your woolen jersey isn't 100% Merino wool you lose the benefits of this wonder fibre and have a less comfortable jersey too.  Whether you buy Soigneur or not, make sure your woolen jersey is 100% Merino!

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