Older and Wiser

Older and Wiser
Older and wiser? 
Whether you're on the older side or not, we here at Soigneur that our fans tend to be wiser than the average cyclist, as they have recognised the benefits of merino and appreciate the classic days of cycling in decades past.

We were prompted to think about cycling and aging by this photo sent to us by Rudi, who had the good fortune to meet the legendary Francesco Moser at a recent event. Moser is looking good for 71 years of age, and is one of many ex-pros who has kept riding well past retirement, as we all hope to do.

Ex-pros aside, when it comes to cycling-for-life our personal hero is the late Robert Marchand, who held both the world one-hour record and the 100 km record in both the 100–105 and over-105 years age categories. Now that’s called leading an active retirement.

And that’s the beauty of cycling. Injuries or illness aside, there’s no age limit, as there tends to be in so many other sports. You may ride slower, but you still ride – especially now that e-road bikes are becoming so much better.

The other great thing about riding into the elder years is that many of us tend to have more to spend on bikes – with the costs of childrearing and mortgages behind us, and the accumulation of a lifetime’s savings, many older riders are finally able to buy the dream machines they’ve long dreamt of, whether that’s a reconditioned 1970’s steel beauty or a carbon-everything lightweight. There’s nothing like being able to say “It’s probably the last bike I’ll ever own” to justify a larger price tag.

The same applies to our cycling jerseys. We know Soigneur jerseys cost more than a mass-produced polyester item made in some anonymous overseas factory, but we also know they’re the equivalent of a handmade steel frame bike made just for you by a boutique frame builder you’ve personally dealt with. Neither that bike or our jersey will help you win a time-trial in these days of marginal gains and €1000 aero cycling socks, but both will age better, be far more comfortable, and get all the compliments from other riders.

Tell that to a young rider and they’ll probably balk at the idea. The enthusiasm of youth sees riders chasing everything sparkling and new in wide-eyed lust for anything seen in
the pro ranks or promising a 9 watt advantage for only US$2000.

Meanwhile the older, wiser riders ride on by in their Soigneur jerseys, feeling not just more physically comfortable but also more content in having made an environmentally and ethically better choice, weighed down only by the envy of others.

But you knew that already. We know you’re one of the better breed of cyclist, because you just read 490 words of written text. You won’t find Soigneur on TikTok!

Posted: Mon 10 Oct 2022