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Here at Soigneur we like to get our riding as much as we can, and we're sure you do too.  And if there's one thing most cyclists like almost as much as riding, it's talking about riding.

The web's full of discussions about personal pilgramages to l'Alp d'Huez or Col du Tourmalet, but what about the hidden gems throughout New Zealand?

That's what we'll bring you through the Soigneur blog - trip reports, observations, and basically any musings too long for our newsletter!

Soigneur boss David Carman modelling a jersey on the Moerangi trail

It's Not About the Bike

In which Soigneur accomplice Jon overcomes a series of mechanicals to learn how a great day's riding doesn;t require a great bike.

The Moerangi Double-Crossing - A Tale of Two Riders

Near Soigneur's hometown of Rotorua is the famous Moerangi mountain-biking trail.
A hard-enough ride one-way, we decided an out-and-back trip would be a worthy challenge...


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